Solar power: state agencies loosens management, businesses commit violations

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The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) has come to several conclusions after its review of issues related to rooftop solar power development.

Solar power: state agencies loosens management, businesses commit violations

MOIT’s inspectors toured power units of the Southern Electricity Corporation where there are a high number of rooftop solar power works put into operation prior to January 1, 2021.

Many units of the Central Power Corporation and HCMC Power Corporation were also subject to inspection. Violations were found at the units.

At DongNai Power Company, the time of implementing the connection of rooftop power works with the national grid was later than that required by MOIT (two clients). The company signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with a capacity exceeding the capacity in the agreement on connection to the grid, which is contrary to regulations set by MOIT.

This happened at the solar power systems of Cao Capital, Xuan Phu Dong and Quang Trung Co Ltd.

Binh Duong Power Company violated the regulation when signing PPA with a capacity higher than capacity shown in the agreement on connection to the grid, which doesn’t match the capacity in the electricity sale application and with the official acceptance record.

This happened at two rooftop solar power works at Thai Cat Green Energy Co Ltd; Hau Giang Energy Investment Co Ltd; Hoang Kim Phat Trade and Production Co Ltd and Mai Son Lam JSC.

Similar mistakes were also found at Binh Phuoc Power Company.

Ninh Thuan Power Company also violated the regulation on time limits for connection to the national grid. This happened at the rooftop solar power works of Zeus Development JSC; Hoang Quan Energy Ltd, Thao Nguyen Farm Co Ltd and a client with the code PB18020044373.

The company also signed PPAs with a capacity higher than the registered capacity, which is contrary to MOIT’s regulation. The violations happened with rooftop power works at BP Solar, Bac Phuong and Gia Nhat Minh Investment and Trade Co Ltd.

According to inspectors, accepting the higher capacity, which causes overloading of the transmission system, is a violation of the PM’s Decision.

This happened at Ninh Son 110/220 KV Transformer Station, Thap Cham, Ninh Hai, Ninh Thuan 1 and Ninh Phuoc, leading to increased transmission capacity on 110KV transmission lines of the stations.

The inspectors also found that the company signed PPA with the wrong subjects, which were not rooftop solar power works.

Thirty percent of photovoltaic panels were installed on the frames, not the roof, so they are not considered rooftop power systems.

This happened at solar power works developed by Minh Cuong Energy Co Ltd; Anh Tuan Energy Co Ltd, Binh Minh Ninh Thuan Co Ltd, Quoc Thang Ninh Thuan Co Ltd in Phuoc Dinh commune of Thuan Nam District in Ninh Thuan.

Violations have also been found at Binh Thuan Power Company.

As for the Central Power Corporation, the inspectors found the same violation. The time limit for implementing the connection of rooftop solar power works with the national grid exceeded the deadline stipulated by MOIT.

Luong Bang

The Government Inspectorate has decided to inspect the observance of policies and laws in the implementation of planning and investment in the construction of power projects under the Power Master Plan VII and the revised Power Master Plan VII.

The central region is appealing to investors in the field of renewable energy to capitalise on its natural resources and boost economic development.

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