Safely reopening to revive tourism

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British travel magazine Wanderlust has recently listed Vietnam among the 20 most ideal destinations in March with recommendations of long-term stays, wild world exploration, festivities and flower seasons.

This is a positive signal showing that international tourists have been happy with Vietnam’s service quality and confident in the country’s anti-pandemic measures to ensure their safety.

Safely reopening to revive tourism
An emerging tourist destination in An Giang which has attracted a large number of tourists.

This is an appropriate recommendation as Vietnam has fully reopened tourism starting March 15.

Willing to grasp opportunities

March is a month with a temperate climate, stable temperature and low rainfall, so tourists can freely take a stroll and ride bicycles on beautiful roads in An Giang. International visitors have also paid much attention to tours to explore the typical culture and history in the mountainous area.

March is also the time of the festival season at the Shrine of the Sam Mountain Goddess. The shrine is a spiritual destination attracting millions of visitors. During the festival season, tourists can live in the ebullient and boisterous atmosphere of cultural activities and artistic performances.

Safely reopening to revive tourism
Tourists at the Shrine of the Sam Mountain Goddess.

The festival at the Shrine of the Sam Mountain Goddess will last for four days, from the 22nd to 27th of the fourth month on the lunar calendar. However, tourists often come earlier to visit some adjacent tourist destinations. Therefore, An Giang Tourism Development JSC has upgraded its lodging facilities, launched attractive tourism packages and prepared resources to better cater to tourists.

In addition, the company has coordinated closely with the relevant agencies to strictly comply with the An Giang government’s Covid-safe guidelines and be ready to welcome tourists.

Thrilling tourism season in An Giang

A tour to the That Son (Seven Mountains) area and other attractive destinations, such as Tra Su cajuput forest, Tuc Dup Hill Tourist Site and Cam Mountain, has been designed. Another must-visit place is the An Hao solar power tourist site, a hi-tech power project in the Mekong Delta which has become more romantic thanks to special artistic designs.

Tourists can gain an insight into the process of heat being converted for power generation. The talent of the tourism developer has made the area more splendid amid the magnificent natural landscape.

Visiting the area, tourists can feel the modernity and youthfulness in all activities which are environmentally friendly, such as taking a stroll along the Thien Canh Lake, watching fish, visiting a sheep hill and a romantic flower park, and enjoying landscapes from a tower.

The lifestyle of the Khmer ethnic people in the southern region has been preserved and promoted with several Khmers becoming chief cooks in the tourist site’s catering service area. The beautiful landscapes in all four seasons, together with delicious dishes, will satisfy all travel lovers.

If tourists love mingling with nature and feeling free in the wild world, Tra Su cajuput forest will be a wonderful choice. In the flooded forest, duckweed blankets the water surface. Listening to songs of birds and the water flow sound, tourists will feel like being lost in the nature.

Both foreign and domestic tourists love the nature, where their emotions are nurtured and respected. They feel peaceful when enjoying the fresh air.

Safely reopening to revive tourism
The breathtaking beauty of Tra Su at sunset.

Passing through green duckweed carpets, tourists can experience spectacular scenes like unforgettable pictures of a movie. In addition, age-old cajuput trees have formed a special natural roof to shield tourists from the sun.

In the afternoon, the atmosphere is more quiet and romantic as the forest turns pink at sunset. Floating clouds and flocks of birds singing songs signal the end of a day.

However, it is most interesting to walk on Vietnam’s longest bamboo bridge in the forest, where tourists can enjoy the picturesque landscapes and take photos with beautiful backgrounds.

Together with the domestic tourism segment, the reopening of international tourism will revive the sector. Travel firms should take advantage of the reopening of international air services in Vietnam that boasts the sixth highest Covid-19 vaccination rate worldwide to recover and develop sustainably.

Source: Saigon Times

The market is completely new after Covid-19. All players, small and large, will be at the starting point. Those who have a good start will obtain more market share.

Vietnam has officially reopened international tourism today – March 15. At present, the whole tourism ecosystem, from aviation, travel agents to accommodation and entertainment service providers, is ready to open doors to welcome visitors back.

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