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Tuần Châu Port is a cruise ship port that holds the Guinness record for the longest berths, two at 10km long, receiving up to 2,000 cruise ships at the same time. Tuần Châu attracts tourists with entertainment such as dolphin, seal and sea lion performances; a sculpture park; and a series of thrilling indoor and outdoor games.

Tuần Châu IslandPhoto courtesy of vivuhalong.com

The top tourist attraction in Tuần Châu island is the water music performance. Surrounding the performance palace is an extremely large stage with more than 12,000 seats. Looking down from above, you can see that the music area looks like an ancient Roman arena. Sitting on the stage and enjoying the performances shaped by water, fire, music and fanciful laser lights, visitors will be impressed with the magnificence of the area.

2km road connecting from the mainland to Tuần Châu island Photo courtesy of vivuhalong.com

Coming to Tuần Châu, visitors, especially children, can have fun at the outdoor amusement park. It covers about 5 hectares extending the length of Tuần Châu beach. This modern amusement park is designed in harmony with the existing architecture and natural landscape. Visiting the outdoor park, tourists can see and discover the miniature natural wonders presented at the centre of the park.

Dolphin show on Tuần Châu island Photo courtesy of vivuhalong.com

Tuần Châu also has many luxurious hotels along the beautiful beach that stretches over 6km.

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