Police probe assault that led to concussion in girl in north-central Vietnam

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Police probe assault that led to concussion in girl in north-central Vietnam

This collage shows T.B.T.L. and her medical record after being assaulted by a local man in Ha Tinh Province, Vietnam.

Police in the north-central Vietnamese province of Ha Tinh affirmed on Thursday that they were investigating an assault by a local man on a tenth grader that caused the young girl to suffer a concussion.

The case was reported to local police by Bui Thi Nguyet, a 42-year-old resident of Duc Tho District in Ha Tinh Province.

Nguyet’s 16-year-old daughter, T.B.T.L., and a friend visited a grocery store owned by 39-year-old T.V.T. to buy sewing needles on the afternoon of January 16.

Upon their arrival, L.’s friend went into the store and spoke with T. while L. waited outside.

As T. insisted that the friend purchase a box of sewing needles, the friend left the store without buying anything.

After the friend told L. about T.’s rejection to sell needles in separate pieces, L. asked, “Why do we need a full box of needles? To sew your mouth?”

T. then began to chase the two girls, pulling the friend off of an electric bike and then hitting L. several times.

The two girls returned to L.’s house shortly after the assault.

L.’s family took her to Duc Tho District General Hospital before transferring her to Ha Tinh General Hospital, where she was diagnosed with a concussion.

L.’s family then demanded local police charge T. for intentionally causing injury to her.

“My daughter has had many headaches and is in a state of panic since leaving the hospital,” Nguyet said.

“She’s recently had convulsions and vomited at school.

“We’ve had to take her to the hospital for further treatment.”

Tran Thanh Tuan, deputy head of the public security bureau of Duc Tho District, said officers are working on the case and that there are viable grounds for prosecution against T.

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