Open piano auditions give young people chance to perform at Hà Nội Opera House

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Pianist and music educator Trang Trịnh. Photo

A concert entitled Classical Wonderland will be held by Việt Nam Youth Music Institute (VYMI) on July 2 at Hà Nội Opera House. VYMI aims to inspire young people to build lasting relationships with music, especially classical music, through multi-experience programmes, educational concerts, workshops and regular music appreciation courses.

A piano audition for the concert will be held for candidates of all nationalities under the age of 26 and currently residing in Việt Nam.

Online newspaper Thế Giới & Việt Nam (World & Vietnam Report) reporter Quỳnh Anh chats with pianist and music educator VYMI’s managing director Trang Trịnh about the piano audition, Việt Nam’s first piano.

You have carried out a series of classical music education projects. Could you introduce the new project?

The VYMI EduConcert Piano Audition project is for all Vietnamese and foreign young pianists, both amateur and professional.

The audition aims to choose a pianist to perform with Việt Nam National Symphony and Orchestra (VNSO) in the EduConcert Classical Wonderland at Hà Nội Opera House next month.

I have the intention to hold pianist auditions for young people in Việt Nam, helping them to have a chance to show their talent in a concert performance.

I believe that almost piano players dream of performing on stage with talented musicians. It is difficult to turn this dream into reality, but now we can do it.

Furthermore, the audition gives the young people a chance to meet each other and exchange experiences. Some of them maybe want to become performers and the others will learn piano with “serious amateur” in their mind.

I think that they inspire themselves and spread their love of music to each other. By taking part in the audition, the young people will know that music is for all people. They will be required to be studious, respectful and modest.

The entire VYMI EduConcert Piano Audition project is held completely free of charge. All candidates who pass the “video audition” will be able to participate in the workshop. This will be a time to inspire and help candidates interact and learn from talented and experienced musicians.

The project will bring to the community of young people who are passionate about piano playing a unique experience to try, discover and develop themselves. We hope it gives them strength on their journey to build a lifetime friendship with classical music.

Why do you choose The Carnival of The Animals as the theme of the concert?

This is a piece by French Camille Saint-Saens with colourful music and it is familiar to young people. I choose it intending to give them a chance to learn imagination and music perception.

Plus, they will know to play music in different types of performances such as piano duo; accompaniment; troupe and playing with the orchestra.

What do the young people need to perform with the VNSO?

They must play the piano well and they need to understand profoundly the musical piece and other instruments. They have to know about the instruments that have direct communication with the piano.

Additionally, they should listen to other instruments to adjust themselves when playing together in rehearsals and official performances as well.

We are looking for people who love music and want to experiment in performing and inspire other young people to play music.

Trang Trịnh talks about music with young people at RMIT University. Photo courtesy of Trang Trịnh

As a music educator, what will you gain from music projects such as your project?

VYMI Piano Audition is the first piano audition in Việt Nam for all young people who are professional and amateur pianists.

This is an extremely rare opportunity to win a ticket to shine on the magnificent stage of the Hà Nội Opera House and play with the wonderful musicians of the VNSO.

I hope the project participants will learn an interesting piece and they will be eager to discover classical music. I really expect and welcome them. VNS

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