Ministry of Health proposes Covid-19 patients go to work

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The Ministry of Health has reported to the Prime Minister and the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control on several issues related to epidemic prevention and control measures.

Significantly, the Ministry of Health proposed people coming down with the coronavirus or are exposed to someone who’s been infected with the coronavirus go to work during self-isolation period.

Ministry of Health proposes Covid-19 patients go to work

According to the Ministry, symptomatic Covid-19 people in self-isolation period can voluntarily go to work if they strictly follow the regulations of the health sector.

In addition, people who are exposed to infected people and not fully vaccinated can also work through online or face-to-face method in compliance with professional medical regulations.

The ministry also asked for permission that it will stop announcing the daily SARS-CoV-2 infection cases because this is only one of eight indicators that assess the epidemic level but does not truly reflect the development of the pandemic.

The Vietnam General Confederation of Labor asked the Ministry of Health to promptly guide the confirmation of workers infected with Covid-19 to prevent them from having to visit responsible agencies many times to get the certificate of recovery.

In the past few days, the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor has received many complaints from union members, employees, and trade union levels about the fact that workers have had to travel many times to get certificates of recovery and certificates of leave work for social insurance.

Discovering to have Covid-19 after self-testing, they have to go to the local health station where they temporarily reside to declare and apply for a certificate that they contracted the virus for work leave, yet medical workers in many stations are so overloaded that they forgot to confirm; thus, workers have had to travel many times, causing unsafety in epidemic prevention and control.

Source: SGGP

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