Ministry: 7 departments and branches cut, 10 percent of civil servant staff reduced

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In 2021, there were a total of 1,173 departments and branches, which means seven departments and branches were cut. Around 10 percent of the number of civil servants and 11.67 percent of public employees were reduced.

Ministry: 7 departments and branches cut, 10 percent of civil servant staff reduced

Minister of Home Affairs Pham Thi Thanh Tra

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has reported administrative reform results in 2021 and key tasks for 2022, showing significant decreases in the payroll. Civil servant payroll means long-term positions in state agencies approved by National Assembly, the Government and People’s Councils.

Public employee payroll consists of officers employed and assigned to hold regular posts in public non-business units approved by appropriate agencies.

Civil servant payroll

Regarding the State apparatus structural reform, MHA reported that in 2021 the ministry advised the Government to submit to National Assembly for approval of the resolution on structural organization of the Government in the 15th National Assembly tenure.

The structure of the Government in the 15th National Assembly tenure remains unchanged with 18 ministries and ministerial-level agencies so as to use all the advantages and operational results of the 14th National Assembly tenure’s Government. This will allow a focus on the dual goal of pandemic fighting and socio-economic development.

Ministries and ministerial-level agencies are urgently evaluating and proposing amendments and supplements to the Decree which defines their functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure, striving to streamline the apparatus and meet the principles and criteria set by the Government.

Also, local authorities have basically completed the organizational arrangement within professional agencies and equivalent units belonging to provincial and district-level people’s committees.

Regarding the restructure of the administrative apparatus in professional agencies belonging to provincial people’s committees and equivalent units, seven organizations were cut to a final 1,173. There were other reductions as well.

As for professional agencies belonging to district-level people’s committees, there are now 8,490 divisions, a decrease of 451.

The checking and rearrangement of non-profit public units continues. As of the end of 2021, the number of public non-profit units had decreased by 12.35 percent compared with 2015.

Public employee payroll

MHA said the management and use of civil servants and public employees in 2021 saw many positive changes. It decentralized the organizing of exams for civil servants and public employee ranking promotions.

The requirements on informatics and foreign language certificates have been removed, which was applauded by civil servants and public employees.

The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) proposed the removal of the requirement on foreign language certificates for 74 ranks of civil servants and 155 professional titles of public employees; and informatics certificates for 74 ranks of civil servants and 142 professional titles of public employees.

The ministry also proposed the reduction of 17 certificates under the standard for civil servants and 87 certificates under the standards for professional titles of public employees.

MHA’s Minister Pham Thi Thanh Tra said the number of required certificates needs to be reduced to ease the burden on civil servants and public employees.

It has also reviewed, developed and issued circulars stipulating codes, professional standards, and professional titles for civil servants and public employees under the management of ministries, ensuring unity and connection between the Party’s regulations and the State’s laws.

In addition, MHA is urgently researching and developing a number of innovative policies on recruitment of civil servants and public employees so as to attract talented staff; and build standards for leaders and managers of agencies.

It is working on a national strategy on attracting talents; a project on inspecting the input quality of civil servants; and promoting the use of software in civil service exams and civil service promotion exams. Also, it is working on building national database about civil servants and public employees.

According to MHA, as of the end of 2021, the civil servant payroll had decreased by 10.01 percent and the public employee payroll by 11.67 percent.

In terms of public finance reform, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) has joined forces with ministries, branches and localities to reorganize and handle the use of housing and land owned by agencies, organizations and units under central management.

There are 247,722 civil servants, not including the employees of MPS and MND, and commune-level officers.

Thu Hang

The number of civil servants with doctoral and master’s degrees in Vietnam in 2019 were 2,347 (0.8%) and 19,136 people (6.5%), respectively.

Fear of taking responsibility has become commonplace among cadres and civil servants.

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