Famous Vietnamese businesspeople born in the Year of the Tiger

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Famous businesspeople Doan Nguyen Duc, Do Quang Hien, Nguyen Duc Huong and Huynh Bich Ngoc were all born in 1962, the Year of the Tiger.

Ms. Huynh Bich Ngoc

'Nữ hoàng' tuổi Hổ: 'Trùm' mía đường, ẩn sau chủ ngân hàng bậc nhất 1 thời

Ms. Huynh Bich Ngoc was born in 1962 in the southern province of Ben Tre. She is currently the chair of the Board of Directors of Thanh Thanh Cong – Bien Hoa Joint Stock Company and is known as “the queen of sugar”.

After nearly 10 years working in the sugar industry, Ngoc and her daughter Dang Huynh Uc My have introduced the TTC Sugar brand to 21 countries such as the US, UK, Singapore. it has set strict requirements for quality standards. TTC sugar accounts for more than 50% of the market share of the sugar industry in Vietnam.

Mr. Doan Nguyen Duc

'Nữ hoàng' tuổi Hổ: 'Trùm' mía đường, ẩn sau chủ ngân hàng bậc nhất 1 thời

In 1990, Duc started his career by forming a small workshop making furniture in his hometown in Gia Lai Province. When the business was successful, he expanded to many fields such as planting and processing wood, rubber latex, and granite production.

He became the boss of a well-known private group – Hoang Anh Gia Lai Group. This group expanded to other provinces in the country and to other business fields such as tourism, real estate…

Duc is widely known as a huge football fan. Since 2001, he has spent more than 10 billion VND per year on football. Thanks to football Hoang Anh Gia Lai quickly became famous at home and abroad.

Duc was the first person in Vietnam to buy an aircraft for 7 million USD.

In 2008, for the first time, shares of Hoang Anh Gia Lai were listed on the stock exchange.

Mr. Do Quang Hien

'Nữ hoàng' tuổi Hổ: 'Trùm' mía đường, ẩn sau chủ ngân hàng bậc nhất 1 thời

Mr. Do Quang Hien, born in 1962, graduated from the Department of Physics at Hanoi University. In 1993, he decided to quit his “paperwork” job to establish T&T Technology and Trading Co., Ltd, which distributes electronics, refrigeration, electrical appliances, office equipment, and telecommunications equipment, among other items.

In 2006, Hien entered the banking industry through investing in Nhon Ai Rural Bank, the predecessor of SHB. From the charter capital of only 500 billion VND, SHB currently has 19,260 billion VND of charter capital. 2006 was also the year that Hien founded the T&T Hanoi Football Club.

Currently, Hien stretches across many business fields including investment finance, real estate, agriculture, transport infrastructure, seaports & logistics, energy and environment, health, education and sports…

Mr. Nguyen Duc Huong

'Nữ hoàng' tuổi Hổ: 'Trùm' mía đường, ẩn sau chủ ngân hàng bậc nhất 1 thời

Huong is famous in the banking and finance industry, with 25 years of experience at LienVietPostBank.

He is one of the founders and developers of LienVietPostBank. His name is associated with LienVietPostBank – which is considered the best bank in the group of three banks that were established 10 years ago. In March 2018, he left the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of the bank for personal reasons.

After a period of time away from the public eye, Huong has gradually returned to the business circle through a number of events.

Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung

'Nữ hoàng' tuổi Hổ: 'Trùm' mía đường, ẩn sau chủ ngân hàng bậc nhất 1 thời

Hung is mainly known as the Chairman of SSI Securities Company but he is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of PAN Pacific Joint Stock Company and SSI Fund Management Company Limited (SSIAM); Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director of NDH Vietnam Co., Ltd.

As of January 25, 2022, Hung’s assets are worth VND 5,249 billion.

In 1998, Hung opened a private company providing cleaning services for buildings and public works called PAN Pacific, with only 250 million VND of capital. In 2006, PAN went public. By 2013, this company increased its charter capital to 200.5 billion VND, 800 times higher than when it was just established, and started a business strategy in the core fields of agriculture and food.

In 1999, SSI Securities was born and was the first private securities company licensed in the country. SSI’s charter capital currently is 9,847.5 billion VND. SSI is the “king” in Vietnam’s securities industry. Hung was awarded the Third Class Labor Medal by the State for his contributions to the development of the stock market of Vietnam.

Bao Anh

Many young entrepreneurs are managing assets worth billions of dollars, taking daring steps and gaining outstanding achievements.

Many Vietnamese businessmen have refused to sell their businesses to foreign partners.

It has become common for many Vietnamese entrepreneurs to give senior management positions in their businesses to their children, gradually creating a business continuity tradition in private corporations in Vietnam.

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