Bringing bamboo and rattan products to the world

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Bamboo and rattan products of Diềm Village in Nghệ An Province are diverse in style, highly usable, and have conquered various markets around the world.

Diềm Village is located in the Việt Nam – Laos border area. This village is home to 153 households of the Thái and Đan Lai ethnic groups.

Taking advantage of natural materials from the forest, the people of this village have created many unique crafts forsale.However, there was a time when many people in the village had to change jobs to make a living because there were no customers.

It was not until 2016 that the bamboo and rattan cooperative of the village was established, marking the recovery and strong development of the traditional craft here.

The cooperative has created many new handmade products, including fruit plates, handbags, and storage trays.

Some products of the Diềm village rattan and bamboo cooperative. VNA/VNS Photo Bích Huệ

They are made from rattan and bamboo, dyed naturally and carry traditional Thái patterns, which are suitable for the trend of green living.

Lang Thị Hoa, director of the Diềm village bamboo and rattan cooperative is one of those promoting the application of patterns woven on Thái people’s clothes into handicrafts. VNA/VNS Photo Bích Huệ

Products of the village are made from natural materials, dyed naturally, and are suitable for the trend of green living. VNA/VNS Photo Bích Huệ

Now, the traditional handicraft products of Diềm village are present at major trade fairs and exhibitions across the country and receive many compliments from customers.

Introducing products of the village’s bamboo and rattan cooperative to customers. VNA/VNS Photo

Every year, besides the domestic market, Diềm Village also exports hundreds of products abroad, bringing the name of this craft village to the world. VNS

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