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Sách Tết Nhâm Dần 2022 (Book for the Year of the Tiger 2022), a book celebrating Tết released by Đông A Books. Photo courtesy of the company

HCM CITY — The Đông A Books Joint Stock Company, one of Việt Nam’s leading book publishers and distributors, has released a new book to celebrate the Tết (Lunar New Year) festival in the Year of the Tiger.

Sách Tết Nhâm Dần 2022 (Book for the Year of the Tiger 2022) features a collection of stories, poems, songs, paintings and illustrations about the spring and Tết festival by 60 writers and painters.

The 304-page book was compiled by writer Hồ Anh Thái, who has worked with Đông A to publish special books for Tết since 2019.

The book is divided into six parts: Ký ức mùa xuân (Memories of Spring), Văn (Essays), Thơ (Poems), Nhạc (Songs), Hoạ (Paintings), and Vĩ thanh (Conclusion).

The first part about spring in the past includes short stories such as Dư Âm Xóm Cây Gõ (Back to Spring at Cây Gõ Residential Area) by Phạm Công Luận, Nhớ Mỡ (Fatback) by Đỗ Tiến Thụy, and Có Ai Còn Nhớ (Remembrance) by Uông Triều.

The book also features literary works by famous Vietnamese writers and poets, like Chợ Hoa Phiên Áp Tết (Flower Market the Day Before Tết) by late author Ma Văn Kháng, and Tết Bình Thường Của Một Người Nghiêm Túc (A Usual Tết Festival of a Serious Man) by Phan Thị Vàng Anh, as well as songs by composers Phó Đức Phương and Song Hảo.

The painting section features works by Nguyễn Việt Cường, whose work honours frontline workers, and life in HCM City and the solidarity of its people during the pandemic, as well as paintings and illustrations by veteran and young painters like Thành Chương and Tạ Huy Long.

According to Đông A Books, as in previous years, Sách Tết Nhâm Dần 2022 has had a great contribution from veteran artists and new faces. It is expected to be a great gift for people in the upcoming festival.

Đông A Books’ special gift box for Tết ‘Một Gói Xuân’. Photo courtesy of the company

In addition, the company will present a special gift box for Tết called Một Gói Xuân (A Package of Spring), featuring books Sách Tết Nhâm Dần 2022 and Thương Nhớ Mười Hai (Twelve Months to Remember) by Vũ Bằng, about love and nostalgia for his wife and native land in the north, experienced while stationed in various parts of the country over the course of decades.

The book consists of stories about foods, fruits, drinks and popular pastimes enjoyed during the year.

The gift set will include a table calendar with illustrations inspired from Bằng’s book created by veteran artist Duy Hưng.

The Một Gói Xuân set priced at VNĐ709,000 (US$31) can be pre-ordered at e-commerce platform

Sách Tết Nhâm Dần 2022 is available at the company website, and e-commerce platforms and Shopee. It costs VNĐ359,000 ($15.7). VNS

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